Web Resources

Alt-Academic / Thinking Beyond Academia Insights

AcademiGig (podcast and Twitter feed)

Beyond the PhD

Versatile PhD

From PhD to Life (Jennifer Polk: @FromPhDtoLife)

Jobs on Toast (Chris Humphrey: @chrishumphrey)

PhDs at Work

#withaPhD chat

Chronicle Vitae

Beyond Academia

Beyond the Professoriate

The Scholarpreneur

Business Insights

Freelance Folder

Freelance Switch

Freelancers Union

Ramit Sethi

Tara Gentile

Megan Auman

Blacksburg Belle

Mei Pak

Marie Forleo

Seth Godin

White Oak Creative

Lisa Jacobs

Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

Working Without Pants

The Side Hustle Show

Entrepreneurs and Coffee

Straight, No Chaser Business Motivation

Harvard Business Review

Inc. Magazine

Fast Company

99 U

Regina Anaejionu

Living in the Grey

Amy Hoy

Ash Ambirge

Mark Schaefer

Paul Jarvis

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