The Download for September 2016

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.  — Leo Tolstoy

Welcome to the new Download. It’s easier to compile for a month rather than a week, and with the changes I’ve recently had (Hello, a new administrative job in a brand-spanking-new town!), I need something easy. It was time to hit the reset button as Jennifer Polk wrote about in August: “My summer reset gave me time to reflect on my priorities and act on them. This month I’ll fill my work schedule again – but within a healthier, more manageable framework. That’s the plan.”

Academy of Handmade: Balancing multiple jobs as a maker

Creative Live: How to find the best mentor for your growing business

Mentors are important to have for a number of reasons. They can guide you as you navigate establishing and running a small business, give you advice, and warn you about setbacks and mistakes they have made. Mentors can also provide you with honesty and insider information that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. They have invaluable experience that you can hear about and take into account as you grow your business.

Fast Company: How to give yourself a push when your progress stalls

Being stalled at work is rough. If you’re not feeling momentum at work, everything feels stagnant. [The reason this happens is] the same as in any other area of life: You don’t create clear goals as to what you want to get out of your job and where you hope it will take you. Or you do have goals, but you don’t monitor them closely, and before you know it, you veer off track.

We suggest our clients take a strategic approach to goal setting—specifically, to let themselves dream and build a vision of how they’d love things to be. Then, constantly scan the landscape of opportunity and look for new chances to move toward their goals.

GirlBossWoo: 3 business lessons from Beyonce

Harvard Business Review: Don’t let your brain’s defensive mechanisms thwart effective feedback

Spin Sucks: Build deep work into your day, every day

What you really wish for is more time…if just someone would invent the 26-hour work day and I were the only one who had access to it.

Well, guess what?

Deep work does work, if you can take control of your day.

TEDTalk: A highly scientific taxonomy of haters

“We’ve tried a lot of approaches to social justice, like war and competitive ice dancing — but a lot of things are still kind of awful. I think it’s time we try and tell a really good poop joke.”

The Middle Finger Project: “There are two options: Make your own rules, or make your own grave.”

Why don’t you trust your own ideas?
Why don’t you trust your own throat?
Why do you always assume that the jackass down the street knows better than you?

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits all—especially in an online landscape where you’ve got to make your own rules or make your own grave.

The 99 Percent: The danger of making a backup plan

A backup plan is like an emotional safety net – it’s comforting and helps combat the fear of failure. And yet, ironically, the very act of devising this secondary plan could make it more likely that your primary goal will fail.


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