The Download for June 14, 2016

99U: The 100 person project–Crowdsourcing your next career move

…the greater point is that you can tap into the wisdom of 100 people to help you get closer to figuring out the work you were born to do. The key is to use the experiment not to drum up business but to get feedback on which of your skills and talents are most valued — and maybe even test out how much demand there is for the product or service you think you can offer.

Harvard Business Review: Stop doing low-value work

…it’s actually a matter of professional life or death to get rid of your low-value work – tasks that mean little or nothing to customers or colleagues. Take an active approach. Design a new, do-able job for yourself.

Quartz: The myth of the young artistic genius is keeping us from pursuing our passions

Our creativity does not diminish with age. Our creativity lives at least as long as we do. I would say that it lasts much longer.


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