The Download for May 3, 2016

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

–Jim Rohn

Blacksburg Belle: 5 questions to ask before saying yes to anything

If you answer ‘no’ to any of these, you should probably say no to the opportunity or creative idea, at least for now. You can always scribble it down in an ideas notebook to keep for later.

E Myth: Frustrations are guaranteed. Success isn’t.

Show me a business owner who hasn’t felt frustrated and I’ll show you someone who is only a few hours into running their business….It’s the shoulds and the oughts that cause the real frustration.

Fast Company: How planning to fail can help you suceed

Because planning to act on a goal—even if that goal describes what you do when you fail—actually can actually create a clearer and more accurate cognitive picture about that future situation. That clarity persists until your plan is enacted or your goal achieved. Other research has found that this enhanced mental clarity helps you easily recall a similar past situation and respond more quickly and effectively to the current one. In other words, implementation intentions can improve cue detection when it counts, while minimizing false alarms.

General Assembly: The passion economy–How to actually do what you love

The No. 1 reason startups fail? Customers don’t want the products. Other pitfalls include an inadequate team and ineffective marketing. In turns out, there are millions of details— everything from user research to marketing your product to actually developing the idea and building it—that require tangible skills. While passion might provide the spark of an idea, there’s no guarantee it can carry you across the proverbial finish line.

Thesis Whisperer: Ph.D….to start up?

I wondered whether or not PhD holders would make the best entrepreneurs or not. To do this, I had to reflect on the numerous skills that are often up for grabs in the process of getting a PhD. There are many of these skills we do not realize we are developing, until our back is against the job-market wall, and the time comes to make them count for something in the world of business.

After much pondering, I came to this conclusion – a PhD holder is a perfect recipe for a successful StartUp.


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