The Download for April 26, 2016

Take action. Success is not guaranteed, but inaction will guarantee failure. –Ken Poirot

Austin Kleon: Keep your day job

In other words: you always have a day job. (My friend Hugh calls this “The Sex & Cash Theory.”) Right now my day job is going around giving talks and writing and selling books. It’s a good day job, but “doing what I love” would actually mean sitting around all day reading and drawing and making these goofy poems. Guess how much that pays? Not much. And guess how much time I actually get to do that stuff? Not much.

Anyways, this is supposed to encourage you. Every artist without a sugar mama or a trust fund or extreme luck has had to deal with this.

Just hang in there.

Barking Up The Wrong Tree: This is the lazy way to kill bad habits: 8 secrets from research

Blavity: 17 steps of taking the leap from corporate to creative

Boriqua Chicks: Stop asking entrepreneurs to work for free

Career Contessa: 31-Day Career Detox

Red Lemon Club: Notes on how to price your work like a hero

The prices you charge may evolve over time, and they may differ slightly from project to project. Just don’t settle for lose/win negotiations with clients by failing to acknowledge your true value.

You are indispensable, and you are in a league of your own. You are an asset, and you need to think of yourself as such.

TEDTalks: Talks that will inspire you to get a good night’s sleep

This Is Going To Be Big: No leading, no guts, no glory 

If you can’t put your stake in the ground, make an independent decision on a company, say what the price should be and the terms, or you just don’t have the time, what are you even doing…?




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