The Download for March 29, 2016

Creative Live Blog: 5 Unconscious Ways You’re Driving Money Away

The business world is literally awash with information about the connection between mindset, success and wealth creation.

The attitudes we hold can help us thrive in the midst of challenging experiences, or they can work against us by subtly sabotaging and undermining that which we seek to accomplish.

Thankfully, even though this unconscious inner dialogue may be unexplored territory for those new to the entrepreneurial arena, this kind of self-negating mind chatter has long been identified and is well understood.

Genuine solutions are available for those who are serious about unravelling this dynamic.

Crew: Let’s put the ‘free’ back in freelancing: How to schedule around your natural creative flow

…not all routines were made equal. 

Mirroring the work schedule of office jobs may help temper the (sometimes rocky) transition to freelancing and will make it easier for clients to know when they can reach you. It also legitimizes a profession that many people still perceive as someone lounging on a couch in their pajamas while catching up on Netflix. But I still think it’s terrible advice for beginning freelancers.

Chances are that if you’re thinking of freelancing full-time, then you’re dissatisfied with some aspect of your current career path.

So why, at least in the beginning, would you want to emulate the working life that you’re trying to escape?

It’s called freelancing for a reason.

Inc: Want to Innovate? Get Better at Failure

“If you’re trying to solve a problem, there are potentially hundreds of possible pathways to take, but only a few are going to lead to the appropriate solution,” saysBaba Shiv, a professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business whose research focuses on innovation. “And the only way to discover that is to try and fail and try again.”

Experimentation and failure are essential to innovation because, by its nature, an innovation is an unknown that can only be discovered through trial and error. Still, for all the startups that follow the mantra of “fail fast,” there are many corporate leaders who see failure as something to be avoided, not embraced. Shiv has categorized this fear-of-failure mindset as Type 1. An innovative point of view, one that perceives failure as exciting because of the opportunities it presents, he labels a Type 2 mindset. “For Type 2 people, the challenge is to keep experimenting and learning until they get to what works,” says Shiv.

LinkedIn: Pursuing a Career of Purpose: A Story of Hustle, Ambition, and Yoga

Tranquility. Well-being. Spreadsheets. For most people, one of these words is not like the others. But all three can be found in the companies that hire Rebecca Mayne as their yoga teacher. Rebecca is on a mission to nourish the minds and bodies of corporate America, one downward-facing dog at a time.

But her career path wasn’t always clear to her. Rebecca first experienced the transformative power of yoga in high school, where a favorite teacher led the class through breathing exercises each morning. The mental and physical benefits of that simple ritual inspired her to learn more. Through high school and into college, Rebecca practiced every day, studying the history and methodology of the practice.

Soon, Rebecca found that her love for yoga was stronger than her interest in history or writing – the careers she thought she’d pursue.

The New Yorker: How People Learn to Become Resilient

Resilience presents a challenge for psychologists. Whether you can be said to have it or not largely depends not on any particular psychological test but on the way your life unfolds. If you are lucky enough to never experience any sort of adversity, we won’t know how resilient you are. It’s only when you’re faced with obstacles, stress, and other environmental threats that resilience, or the lack of it, emerges: Do you succumb or do you surmount?

Penelope Trunk: Passive Income is BS (but Here’s How To Get It) 

Passive income is a mindset, but a quantifiable reality.
So yeah, my passive income comes today. Because you have to be crazy to create a supposedly-passive-income stream, because it’s such an insane amount of work, and I am just that crazy.

Red Lemon Club: If You Seek Admiration, Your Audience Will Leave You

It’s not about how impressive you are that truly sways and keeps people near you.

Your real value to people lies in your necessity to them. Good presentation is important, butyou won’t secure a trusting loyal fan if you don’t ultimately serve as a means to improving their lives.

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