The Download for March 22, 2016

In a gentle way, you can shake the world. — Mahatma Gandhi

99U: The 5 Types of Personal Projects (And How You Can Justify Pursuing Them)

f you can look at personal projects as investments offering long-term benefits, you’ll find that they are an important part of your growth and development. They provide value in many forms, from a potential future commission to bolstering your artistic toolkit to giving you the freedom to run wild with your beloved, batty ideas, unafraid of a client’s critique. So how do you differentiate between the kinds of personal projects worth undertaking and the ones best left to your imagination? By pursuing the ones that ultimately benefit your craft and career like these five types below.

Female Entrepreneurship Association: 4 Ways to Stop Getting Distracted From Reaching Your Goal (video)

As entrepreneurs, we’re busy people AND we have lives going on outside of our businesses – whether it’s family, children, maybe even a job – I know so many entrepreneurs are still working full-time or part-time until they can transition over fully to just building their business! So it’s understandable why sometimes things can end up feeling a little cluttered and chaotic.

So if you’re feeling like that right now and you feel like you just want to stop letting the distractions hold you back then here are some things to try that always help me

Marie Forleo: How To Grow Your Business & Find Time For The Creative Work, Too

It’s all on your shoulders. You’re responsible for being both the creative genius andthe business genius of your career.

Meaning, you have to generate the actual work (your writing, art, designs, recipes, music, performance, inventions, curriculum, code, _____________ fill in the blank).


You’ve also got to take care of customer service, contracts, scheduling, invoicing, prospect calls, social media and marketing to making sure more paying business keeps coming in.

Starting out as a one-woman shop, this is something I wrestled with for years. Even now that I work alongside an incredible team, it’s still a balance that’s tough to strike.

The Middle Finger Project: Help! My Elevator Pitch is Falling (Seriously) Flat Chested.

Just like you want to sound natural in your writing, you want to sound natural when you’re speaking, too. Because the delivery is more important than the declaration. You might be giving the Gettysburg Address, but if you sound like you’re nervous and unsure of yourself, OR if you sound like you’re reading out of the dictionary, the entire message falls flat.

Nuts PR: What to Expect When Joining Social Media as a Small Business

As you familiarize yourself with this new world, make a conscious effort to learn and be up to date with the changes on the platforms, rules and algorithms. You need to educate yourself and constantly update your strategy.

You will find that what worked yesterday, today doesn’t bring the same results.

Learn, adapt, test, test, and test some more.

Tiffany Han: 5 Myths of Entrepreneurship (and The Truths They Aren’t Telling You)

I’m afraid we’ve been fed some myths about what it’s like to have your own business and work for yourself.

I’m afraid that these myths are making it hard on people, people who want to be successful and fall into the trap of listening to the loudest people on the internet. Because the people that are feeding you the myths are loud. REALLY loud. Because it’s in the best interest of their businesses to convince you that they’re right.

And because I’ve made it my job to tell you the truth even though it may not be what you want to hear. Even if the truth is inconvenient. Because holding on to something that won’t serve you is even more convenient.

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