The Download for February 16

“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.” — Walt Disney

99U: A Portfolio for Clients: A Beginner’s Guide to Getting More Gigs

Thing is, most of us build a portfolio website to attract our first employer, not our first client. An employer, especially when hiring for a junior role, is on the lookout for someone with their preferred aesthetic style and the ability to learn and execute the work assigned to them. They want to know the skills you possess and the software you’re capable of using. A client? Not so much. A client doesn’t care what software you’ll use when working on their project. They only need someone to solve their problem, a tiny but crucial difference and one that is the difference between a steady stream of customers and an empty inbox. The framework for accomplishing this revolves around two simple, but important approaches: Be specific when targeting clients and demonstrate tangible results.

Fizzle: 5 Ways to Earn More Revenue from an Existing Product

This is something we spend a lot of time thinking about ourselves at Fizzle, because we have just one product for sale. Growing our business means growing revenue from this one product.

To answer Paul, I’m going to break this down into five specific ways to increase revenue from an existing product. These are roughly in order of least to most effort on your part as the business owner.

Listen to the episode via iTunes, SoundCloud or RSS.

Tara Gentile: The Case for Not Keeping Up With Everything–Why time management, delegation, and productivity are the wrong solutions for your biggest problem.

The reason ambition is actually the solution to the problem of keeping up with everything is because it forces you to approach things differently. Deciding to pursue something so much bigger than what you’re doing now means you can’t just optimize, you can’t work harder, you can’t just fit a few more thing into your day—you need to dramatically change the way things work.

Jeff Goins: The Unfair Truth About How Creative People Really Succeed–On Networks, Connections, and Relationships

The truth is life is not fair. For creative work to spread, you need more than talent. You have to get exposure to the right networks. And as unfair as that may seem, it’s the way the world has always worked.

The good news, though, is you have more control over this than you realize.

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University of Venus: Crochet, Creative Outlets, & Academia

Bringing something into existence is one of the greatest benefits of a craft project, and another advantage to working on something concrete is that you can see the evidence that you are getting better. There is a steep learning curve at the beginning with crochet and then the progress slows down, but at every step of the way I can see how I am improving. My stitches are more even, and I am much better at actually having the correct number of stitches in the row. Again, I know that I am also always improving my writing skills, but it is hard to see that. The biggest gains I see in my own writing are when I look back at what I wrote years ago. From that perspective, I can see the leaps and bounds I have progressed in terms of organization and style. But I can see the changes in my crochet skills immediately. This helps me remember that with work and patience I am also growing in my writing.

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