Confessions of an Entrepreneur Who (Almost) Quit


This post was inspired by a blog post I found via Twitter. Like most pieces that deal with quitting and failure, it resonated with me. Dara starts off with this gem:

I’m exceptionally good at quitting. I’ve been that way my whole life: all or nothing, win or lose, excellence or nihilism. If I am not good at it, I drop it. Ballet, running, bowling, tae kwon do, tennis, swimming, painting. It has taken me this long to see a challenge as an opportunity to thrive rather than to give up.

Seeing challenges as opportunities is hard. Finding grit to press forward through a mountain of challenges is difficult. Attempting to thrive when the easy, tantalizing option of giving up is exhausting and punishing. I still deal with the manic push to exit challenges when the situation gets tenuous. I draw up and plot out strategies to leave, to decline, and to give up. I quit things (in my mind). I resign from things (in my imagination). More often than not, those plans stay in my mental desk drawer. I stumble through the challenge, gnashing my teeth and complaining, until I get to the end.

I almost quit this blog and this idea when I was discouraged and frustrated. But I’m coming back to it because I believe in the idea and because I have realized that my need for perfection was weighing down all my efforts with this project. I almost gave up on this because it was difficult and scary. I almost stopped doing this because I was terrified of what others would think and say if I did this.

At this point,  I see those things as challenges. Everything here will not be perfect, but they are starts. Every person will not agree with what I say, and that is okay. This will be scary, and that’s cool. We all need some excitement in our lives.

The inspirational post ended like this, which is my new mantra on a Post-It note:

Here is to taking one step forward, albeit shakily. Here is to looking myself in the mirror and not talking myself out of courage. Here is to faith with a road map, not faith *in* a road map. Here is to growing tougher skin but still being that mushy, goofy girl everyone knows I am. Here is to only using the words “I quit” when they precede “giving up.” There is a last time for everything.

So, like Dara, I am here for another day.


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