Taking the Leap


I’m not one for trite sayings and cute quotation memes (that are often spurious or dead wrong). A friend posted this on her Instagram feed, and I promptly took it as a sign to get things started with this blog and my business idea(s).

Academic culture inculcates graduate students and professors to not be rash or bold. Everything must be done in measured steps. The only risks you should take are those related directly to funding your work (obtaining grants, pushing yourself to write grants, etc.) or those pushing you to become a better, more thorough researcher in the domain staked out by your dissertation.

So, I hesitated on launching this blog, procrastinated on nailing down a solid idea, slow-poked on finding a support system, and dragged my feet on incorporating my business. Then, finally one day, I took a leap. I sat down and wrote out business ideas. I spoke with friends about launching and found an immediate accountability circle. I started writing down the process and I contacted a lawyer friend to help me get my business act together. I did these things because of a kick in the butt that pushed me to take the leap.

I thought it would be a scary, terrifying ride similar to the roller coasters I loved as a kid.

It wasn’t. It was anti-climatic. Doing these small steps were nothing. I thought they would be a spine-tingling 90-degree drop from a high perch. Nope, I had nothing to fear. I wasted a lot of energy preparing–and delaying–for the worst that didn’t happen.

My leaps so far have been small, but at least I have taken the leap. Now, is it time that you take yours?

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