Parallel career seeker. Bootstrapper. DIY career builder. Side hustler. Freelancer. Consultant.  Holder of many passions. Slash careerist. Serial entrepreneur. Handmade crafter.

If one of these terms apply to your second (or third) job and career outside of academia, welcome. You’ve found your tribe. If you are aspiring to find a new career path or just enter some extra money on the side, congratulations on taking the first leap and finding this page. And welcome. You’ve found your tribe.

The Tenured Entrepreneur is dedicated to propelling those academics who desire more than a monthly paycheck and who want more than a hope, dream, and summer income to sustain them. We are here to help you develop a successful side business from figuring out your niche to understanding the problems of business. We are here as a support to those faculty members already freelancing in the academy and are seeking a way out or a formula to balance.

That’s our goal. And thank you for joining us as we embark on this #tenuredentrepreneur adventure.

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